Real Estate Results

Real Estate Results

Real Estate Results is a professional and business development powerhouse for agencies and professionals in the real estate industry. Real Estate Results is a designer of business support systems that drives outstanding results for its clients. The support systems include coaching, events and seminars as well as a range of products and an extensive library of resources.

Real Estate Results 

When Real Estate Results (RER), a successful brand specialising in professional and business development in the real estate industry, decided they wanted to reinvigorate their exisiting brand, the Managing Director approached Andreas Zehntner to take it to another level. The brief was to give the brand an aspirational and international feel whilst ensuring that it was distinctive and really stood out within the sector. 

Real Estate Results 

Andreas Zehntner and his team designed a new brand identity and visual language for Real Estate Results. The portfolio of tools included: typefaces, colour palette, brand super graphic, photography style, info-graphic language, advertising templates and ‘At Event’ graphics.

Real Estate Results 

As Real Estate Results engaged in a great deal of event and social media activity, Andreas Zehntner collaborated with the team at RER to come up with brand tools (such as branded banners, powerpoint templates, collateral templates, etc.) that could be quickly and easily adapted to various environments and mediums. These ranged from large conference venues to smaller boutique spaces and serviced offices. These branded tools were designed to not only work well in ‘live’ situations but also to be instantly recognisable in captured images. 

Real Estate Results 

Andreas Zehntner worked closely with all key stakeholders at Real Estate Results to understand the current and future vision of the brand in order to design an integrated online Digital Experience that would meet the ongoing needs of the business. The central element of this was creating a dynamic website and booking portal incorporating all elements of the new brand identity, bringing it to life on a digital platform. Andreas Zehntner delivered the front-end design and framework which developers used as a blueprint for the building process. Social media and EDM branded temples where also developed to ensure consistency across all brand communications. 


Shane McLucas, Managing Director | Real Estate Results


Director of Brand and Creative


Graphic Designers: Dan Sheffield & Justin Lovett
Senior Writer: Lisa George
Senior Producer: Camilla Rous
UI Designer: Matt Royston